Since 1983, the Hellenic Cultural Foundation has supported academic projects promoting ancient Greek culture. Examples include the excavation at Kourion, Cyprus, led by Prof. David Soren; the excavation, survey, and cultural heritage management at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia by Prof. David Gilman Romano and Prof. Mary Voyatzis; and the experimental replica of a Greek kiln in Tucson by Prof. Eleni Hasaki. A great number of students have been able to participate in these projects through HCF Scholarships, especially the Chris Limberis Scholarship.

Current Projects:

Mt Lykaion Excavation and Survey: The Foundation is pleased to sponsor the Mt Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project, led by Dr. Mary Voyatzis (U. of Arizona), Dr. David Gilman Romano (U. of Arizona), and Dr. A. Karapanagiotou (Greek Ministry of Culture).

Parrhasian Heritage Park: The Parrhasian Heritage Park proposes a living park of archaeological, cultural, and scenic resources between Arcadia, Elis, and Messenia, Greece.

AIA Greek Kiln in Tucson: Since 2005, the Hellenic Cultural Foundation has proudly supported an initiative of Dr. Eleni Hasaki (U. of Arizona), who, as a recipient of the Local Society Incentive Grant from the Archaeological Institute of America, has built a replica of an ancient Greek kiln in Tucson, AZ.