Greek Studies at the UA

There are many exciting offerings at the University of Arizona relating to Greek language, literature and culture. These courses are offered by outstanding professors in the Departments of Classics and Religious Studies, Anthropology, Philosophy, History, and Critical Languages. They span all levels from introductory classes through graduate-level offerings. These are vibrant programs, and some of the introductory level classes (like Greek mythology) attract over 1000 students a year! Students can focus their studies on Hellenic language or culture, as majors or minors, and can obtain BAs, MAs, and PhDs. See some of the offerings and activities below!


  • Modern Greek Language (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced through Critical Languages) Ancient Greek Language (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced, as well as Graduate level)
  • Introductions to Ancient Greece (Classical Mythology, Gateway to Greece and Rome, Critical Concepts in Culture, Introduction to Greek art and Archaeology)
  • Greek Literature in Translation (Including Survey, Homer, Ancient Greek Drama, the Ancient Novel) Greek Philosophy
  • Ancient Greek History
  • Greek Religion (Religion and Ritual, Greek and Roman Religion, Early Christianity)
  • Greek Art, Architecture and Archaeology (Archaic Greek Sanctuaries, Greek Architecture, Greek Pottery, Archaeology of the Peloponnese, Neolithic and Bronze Age Greece, Everyday Life in Greece and Rome, Ancient Medicine, Ancient Greek Technology, Athens through the Ages)
  • Staging Ancient Drama (productions of Ancient Greek plays)
  • The Homerathon (an annual, all-day reading of either the Iliad or the Odyssey)
  • Archaeological Excavations of Greek Sites (at Mt. Lykaion and Sicily)
  • Humanities Seminar Program (various offerings on Greek topics every semester

The Hellenic Cultural Foundation has been supporting the teaching of Hellenic language and culture, ancient and modern, at the UA for 35 years. It focuses especially on offering scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Hellenic studies, and in the last 30 years, it has awarded about 100 scholarships to UA students, totaling over $125,000.